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Negeri Sembilan Tourism Action Council
No 19, Jalan Durian Emas 3, Betaria Business Centre, Jalan Dato' Siamang Gagap, 70400 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan D.K

Tel : 606 765 9870/1
Fax : 606 762 8540



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    Negeri Sembilan, located in the central region of Peninsular Malaysia, is bordered in the north by Selangor, in the east by Pahang and in the south by Melaka and Johor. Covering a total area of 6,645 sq km, the land comprises of picturesque valleys and plains amidst undulating hills and mountains. As the Titiwangsa mountain range of the Peninsula tapers down towards the interiors of Johor, the mountainous and forested terrain of the eastern part of the Negeri Sembilan gradually give way to the gentler, undulating rubber and oil palm plantations of the west region.

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    "Tahniah! Tak sangka Negeri Sembilan mempunyai laman web yang sebegini cang..."




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